1. Login https://www.parity.io/ and click the link in the red box to download Parity installation file (Parity will automatically select the appropriate version that is compatible to your computer). 1.png


2. Double click the installation file and set up Parity according to the instructions (As Parity is a full node wallet, please make sure that your setup disk has enough space for its block synchronization)



3. After the installation, a web-based Parity wallet will pop up automatically. Select “Parity Wallet” to go to the Wallet page.



4. Since it is your first time using Parity, you still don’t have any accounts, so first you will need to create a new account. Note: please click “Accept” at the lower right corner of the page to give permissions to your requests.




5. Enter your account name, password and password hint. You can also select a icon for your account.



6. After securing the recovery phrase of your account, type “I have written down the phrase” manually to confirm that it is backed up and then click “CREATE” at the lower right corner of the page to create a new account.



7. Return to the home page, select Contracts and then click Watch to add GBC related information.


8. Select Custom Contract and click NEXT at the lower right corner of the page.



9. Enter GBC smart contract address (0x3f44b083973d5cDdAE571d61921d8e8f0248df43), the contract description (optional) and the abi for the contract. Then click ADD CONTRACT at the lower right corner of the page to finish adding GBC contract.



10. If you want to acquire some Bitglobal dividend shares by burning GBC, please deposit your GBC to your account in advance. (It will cost ETH when burning GBC, so please make sure that you hold some amount of ETH when doing so).



11. After the successful deposit, go back to the CONTRACTS page and select the added GBC contracts. Then click EXECUTE to go to the GBC burning page.



12. In the GBC burning page, select your account and “burn” in the drop list of “function to execute”, and enter the amount of GBC (must be an integer multiple of 1,000 with 8 decimals) you want to burn and the burn address 0x58af44aeddf2100a9d0257cbaa670cd3b32b7b3e. For example, if you want to acquire one dividend share by burning 1,000 GBC, you need to enter 100000000000 (adding 00000000 behind 1000). Then, click POST TRANSACTION at the lower right corner of the page and enter your account password in the pop up window and complete the burning action.







13. In the CONTRACTS section, you can check the amount of dividend shares of your account and the expected amount of GBC you can get in next dividend share.





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