What is Global Coin?

Issued by Bitglobal, the world’s first digital assets trading platform supporting gold exchange, Global Coin (GBC) is an Ethereum-based blockchain digital asset with a total supply of 10 million in order to break the free exchange barriers between gold and digital assets.

What’s the difference between Global Coin and other alternative cryptocurrencies?

A unique buy-back mechanism

After the platform is launched, Bitglobal will take 50% out of its operation profits to buy back GBC in circulation in real time, and will continue to buy until all the 10 million GBC has been bought out. All the buy backed GBC will be stored in a fixed address. Users can check all the records in our blockchain explorer in real time. In addition, Bitglobal will take 1% out of its repurchased GBC annually to share with all the users based on the quantity of GBC held in their accounts.

A win-win growing mechanism

In addition to the buyback mechanism, Bitglobal regards every GBC holder as our shareholder, and will take 100 thousand GBC (subject to the total amount of GBC in the buy back account) out of the buy backed account to share with our shareholders on Aug 8 annually since 2018.

A groundbreaking gold investment service

When the gold exchange service is online, GBC smart contract will activate the gold private key exchange mechanism. Bitglobal will sell the repurchased GBC at market price to those who need physical gold exchange service. With 1000 GBC, they will obtain the private key for our gold VIP service so as to realize the value transformation of GBC, purchase gold on major gold exchange markets with digital assets like bitcoin and litecoin on Bitglobal anonymously, and offset the potential risks caused by the violent fluctuations of digital asset prices.

How to acquire GBC?

GBC trading market had been launched, open an account at www.bitglobal.com to purchase GBC now!



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