Issued by Bitglobal, Global Coin (GBC) is an Ethereum-based blockchain asset with a fixed supply of 10 million. And Bitglobal can guarantee that there will be no more issuing in the future.

Real Time Repo Mechamisn

After the platform and GBC trading are launched on Aug 8, 2017, Bitglobal started to repurchase GBC in circulation in real time right away with 50% out of its operation profits. And it is important to note that Bitglobal will step up efforts to repurchase GBC with 100% out of its operation profits in major market promotion events, among which 50% of the repurchased GBC will be reserved from future dividend sharing and another 50% used to supporting the marketing and development of the platform. Furthermore, Bitglobal will continue to repurchase until all the 10 million has been bought out. And the repurchase GBC will be stored in a fixed address. Users can check all the records in our blockchain explorer in real time.

A Monthly Based Dividend Sharing Mechanism

Bitglobal regards every GBC holder as our shareholder and a part of our monthly-based dividend-sharing mechanism. All you need to do is burning 1,000 GBC in your GBC wallet so as to enjoy the benefits of the platform development forever.

Starting from the end of Apr, 2018, Bitglobal will begin to share dividends with our users for the first time, during which all of the repurchased GBC since the launch of our platform will be shared with our shareholders around the globe. After then, we will begin to share dividends with users on a monthly basis.

How to acquire GBC?

GBC/USDC trading market had been launched, open an account at to purchase GBC now!



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